apidays Singapore 2022 roundup

At apidays Singapore on 20-21 April 2022, we dug deep into the business and technology of the digitised economy on the theme Digitising at Scale with APIs. We explored how API's enable organisations to build partner ecosystems across fintech, retail and healthcare, rapidly assemble new products and services for customers, and streamline their operations.

Regional and international leaders shared how innovative companies are introducing new business models and technologies across South East Asia’s growth economies to bring millions of enterprises of all sizes, and their customers, into the digital economy.


  • Building and protecting the digitised enterprise
  • Data-driven business
  • Partner ecosystems
  • Open Finance, Fintech and connecting the next billion customers
  • Identity, Data and Communications: building blocks for customer engagement and service delivery
  • API Architecture
  • API Security
  • Web3.0
  • Building, monitoring and managing your Tech Stack
  • Developer experience

Here is the full playlist of video recordings: